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Werden Sie Experte der Runen, nehmen Sie Ihr Schicksal und somit Ihre Zukunft in die Hand!

Runenmagie in Ihren Händen!

120 min

Werden Sie Experte der Runen, nehmen Sie Ihr Schicksal und somit Ihre Zukunft in die Hand!

Im Rahmen eines zweiteiligen Online-Seminars weiht Sie Runenmeisterin ADAGI persönlich in die Geheimnisse der mythischen Runenkunde ein!

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2012 - Secrets of The Mayan Prophecy

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8 h

Special Offer - Buy the full Series for only 8.90 EURO The Transition into a New Era is happening already. Yet, the...

Watch the full series with Carl Johan Calleman, Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, Drunvalo Melchizedek - to learn more about the significance of these exciting days of 2012.

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Remote Viewing Workshop

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Stephan Schwartz gives an insight to the world of remote viewing and non-local consciousness.

In this presentation you will have the opportunity to experience an aspect of your consciousness not limited by space or time. Participate and you will experience a reality beyond your ordinary perceptions!

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Insider`s Discussion on Remote Viewing

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In the second part of his two-day presentation, Stephan A. Schwartz was discussing the Remote Viewing experience that...

However this event is now only a reply of the live discussion, you can still learn and enjoy from the participants question's. In this informal discussion Stephan A. Schwartz accompanied by Ibolya Kapta a friend and assistant lead the audience into a deeper understanding how information appears visually in the non-local. In this show, Stephan was available on SKYPE and some participants from the previous Remote Viewing Experiment was able to speak directly with him in a Live seesion.

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The Beingness Doctrine

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49 min

+ Insider`s Discussion on Remote Viewing

The Social Power of Nonlocal Consciousness. There is a road to change that does not involve violence and exploitation: The Strategy of Beingness. You can learn it, and you can change history Live!

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Latest comments

nan1 Awesome and enlightening; filled with peace and excitement for what is to come.
bfranklin88 know picture of the remote viewing.
reddog Is there an archive of the Insider's Discussion when Stephan discusses the results of the previous day's RV experience? I missed it due to a schedule misunderstanding. Thanks.
reddog This was fabulous. I went into it thinking it was the part two of the remote viewing class, but it was even better than that, and just what I needed. It is the sort of timeless wisdom which summarizes the best of what life can be and what we can be. What one would want to pass on to one's children and grandchildren, although a sample of a life lived like this would be even better. Here is a link to a PDF of the main points of the eight laws of social change, as it is worth memorizing and reviewing periodically.
timholt i am the oarticipant who liked your picture of Paris and tthe eiffel tower. I decided to try again to learn about my future health. I have been suffering with sciatic nerve pain for about 2 weeks, first time it happened to me. I decided to remote view the date Oct 20 to determine if the malady had receded by that time. My remote view vision was that I was walking around on someones back porch at a barbque with no walking assistance and no dicernable pain. I chose my target for two reasons. It wont be long before I can verify its truth, and, i really care about the answer as I am thinking of traveling to see my daughter and grandkids before the end of October.
Tamra I know it will be great since I haven't been able to see the second presentation yet. I opened Skype thinking the discussion was there and the producer started talking to me, then patched me through. Surprised me that I was suddenly talking to Stephan. I've paid for tickets for Sat and Sunday, but no ticket for this appears in my "tickets" except Emoto. Is there another way to see the replay?
eclipse The best presentation ever.
drjhendrix The schedule is confusing. what is the actual schedule? I thought the 5:30 session was now
timholt Yesterdat I sugtgested to my wife that Id think of the future being her next birthday in Apil 2013, when we are planning to go to Paris. I was shocked to find that your example of my estimate of this session included Paris and the eiffel tower which I thought about at the time. Since that was a kind of calculated veiwing, I decided not to use it in my RV experiment, however, I am stilll veryimpressed that todays drawing of Paris and the eiffel tower matched yesterdays view of today. My try at remote viewing was interffered with by a sense that I needed to hurry and analysis of where the picture might go logically, a flower, grass and a hole in the ground became a local golf course with a golfer in action. The feature deriefing did not include much of my analytically determined drawing detail. I can see this would be a very important skill for investors. Suppose my target is a particular stock quote on a day a month in the future. I can make investment decisions that are very profitable by knowing a future stock price. This assumes I can choose my target in advance.
Clarabella Have just realised that the target picture had more in common with what was behind me as well. Something that had only been a fleeting image, and that I didn't think further about. Hmmm.

Highlighted comments

Indigolady Thank you so much, Lee! You gived me answer on many of my questions I had.
annok1 Exquisitely pure. Thank you for the transmisson.
SataraM Very interesting and encouraging. Thank You!
Stephan Schwartz special offer Osho the contemporary mystic Stephan Schwartz

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