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Simplicity, Generosity and Prosperity

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Runtime: 2:00
4.8/10 (23)

Experience true and lasting prosperity with the founder of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

In this video, Dadi Janki will give you a rare opportunity to get a better understanding of the of life. By the end of this two-hour class you will most likely become a better person.

Dadi Janki will take you to the next level. This is a master calls for the ones who are ready to go beyond the surface and discover spirituality in depth.

The master will give you a rare opportunity to get a better understanding of the complex principles of life. By the end of the two-hour class you will most likely become a better person – and get a chance to live a more wholesome life.

Dadi Janki - head and founder of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. Dadi Janki will show you why prosperity does not actually depend on physical circumstances that can change at any time. Prosperity is a feeling of choice and a direct consequence of our attitude towards ourselves and toward the surrounding world.

Dadi Janki has based her entire life on the principles of simplicity and generosity. She has no doubt that these are the keys to infinite abundance. When we value and share the natural, inner wealth of peace, love happiness and wisdom, we can experience true and lasting prosperity.

This is a must join master-class that will make you a better person!

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Latest comments

amratdavda said: (2011. 07. 31.)
Om Shanti International Dadi,Jayantiben and IT team,Many thanks to Bapdada to send vibrations to create such a nice toy for his children's not to miss the feeling of being with the family, always be content,be and spread happiness.Godly greetings wishing best of luck to all who attended and who gave their time with open heart to make this time spent precious.All have a godly life and live your dreams.Amratbhai (Hounslow)
joanbibby said: (2011. 07. 31.)
So many thanks - it was truly wonderful. Om Shanti. Love, peace and happiness.

Joan XX
Pandav108 said: (2011. 07. 31.)
Om Shanti ~

with Grace & Eternal Infinte Royal Divine Gratitude ~

Thank you Baba, Dadi Ji, Sister Jayanti Bhen Didi Ji and all BK Family in London, UK and all whom were connected ~

In Baba's Love & Remembrance,


from Arnhem, The Netherlands

Om Shanti
giuseppina said: (2011. 07. 31.)
Hi everyone. Looking forward to seeing Dadi.
narsaid said: (2011. 07. 31.)
Om Shanti. Thank you to Bapdada, Dadiji & Brahmin family very excited to listen Dadijis wisdom and guidance IBY Damyanti South Africa
amparo said: (2011. 07. 31.)
hi, om shanti
I do hope dorothylim can solve her /his problem, i don´t know what to advise since it is my first time here, and first time i will be listening to Dadi Janki. Very pleased to do so. From england.

Iamkshea said: (2011. 07. 31.)
Om Shanti from Kathy (Miami), currently in Wyoming, USA!
mikip_gr said: (2011. 07. 31.)
om shanti from greece
Pandav108 said: (2011. 07. 31.)
Om Shanti Dorothy Bhen Ji,

Just log in with your login name & password,
Go to my tickets and the live broadcasting will start automatically within the next 40 minutes.
So at this moment the program is not yet broadcasted. I see you are already logged in, so just be patient... Nothing to worry about, all is OK :-)))))

IBY & P,

Om Shanti
barugel said: (2011. 07. 31.)
thank you for those beautiful thoughts , this broadcast should be interesting and awakening
Pandav108 said: (2011. 07. 31.)
Om Shanti Dadi Ji,

Deep Heart & Soul felt Greetings of Peace

In Baba's Love & Remembrance,


Om Shanti

From Arnhem, The Netherlands
BABASCHILD said: (2011. 07. 31.)
OMmmmmmmmm Shanti Dadi, times 3. grt lookn 4wud 2class tnite lots of love peace & light, & good vibes, frm Tracey, newcastle upon-tyne. England. *:)
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Dadi JankiDadi Janki Dadi Janki has dedicated more than 70 years of her life to the work of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University of which she heads now. She began her spiritual apprenticeship in 1937 at the age of 21 as one of the founding members. The University teach meditation for 1 million students in 100 countries world-wide in over 8000 meditation centers. They received 7 United Nation Peace Awards. Together with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, HH the Dalai Lama Dadi is an international Patron of Rights and Humanity.

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