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Dadi Gulzar

Whilst her birth name Hirdaya Mohini means ''‘the one who wins the heart’'', now she is known as Gulzar, - ‘rose garden’. Spiritual teacher, Additional Administrative Head of BKWSU.

Whilst her birth name Hirdaya Mohini means ‘the one who wins the heart’, Dadi (meaning: elder sister) is now affectionately known as Gulzar, - ‘rose garden’.

Dadi Gulzar is the Additional Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU), Director of the Brahma Kumaris in Delhi and adjoining areas, and is a member of the University’s managing committee, as well as the Raja Yoga Education and Research Foundation, and the World Renewal Spiritual Trust.

Dadi was President of the steering committee for the Health Awareness Campaign in India, aimed at making health of mind and body accessible to all people.

Although her formal education only reached school level, Dadi Gulzar is now recognised as a great spiritual teacher. Her clarity of thought, simplicity of style, and endearing humour have earned her a reputation as a popular speaker worldwide. She draws on many decades of personal experience and speaks from a place of great silence and wisdom.

Dadi’s depth, purity and innocence automatically take everyone who comes into her company into a dimension of peace and stillness. Dadi is much loved and respected for her dedication to God and for world transformation.

Dadi started on her spiritual journey at the age of eight, when she began to learn the art of Raja Yoga meditation. She was one of the ‘original jewels’ from the earliest days of the small gathering that later became known as the Spiritual University.

At the age of 15, Dadi Gulzar discovered her ability to go into what she describes as a ‘subtle dimension’ where, she says, past and future are the same and everything is perfect. She would remember every detail and share it with others so that they too could be inspired towards personal transformation. "It came to me as a gift," she related, "and I accepted."

Dadi recalls, "Where I was born, women played a secondary role in society, as if they were locked up, not to be seen or heard. But Brahma Baba thought, Why shouldn't women be spiritual teachers as well as men? By nature, women are more tolerant and loving. They know how to dedicate their lives selflessly to helping others"

To the large crowds who now listen to Dadi, the real gift is that she is able to convey these feelings as though they too, had taken the subtle journey into another dimension of peace and tranquillity.

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