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Kogi Jacinto Zarabata

Kogi Messenger Jacinto Zarabata is an official representative of the Kogi Mamos.

The Mamos

The Mamos are the leaders of the Kogi society. Children who are chosen to become Mamo (means shaman) are committed to an initiation process lasting several years. The darkness of the womb does not stop with their birth. For many years they are kept entirely in the dark and they are taught to enter into a relationship with the spirit of everything on earth.

Their Spirituality

They will not know the sea physically, but by its spirit. They will not know the jaguar physically, but by its spirit. At the end of the learning period, the Mamo who accompanied the pupil on his road to knowledge can then say the ritual phrase: “You have learned to see through mountains, through the heart of men, you have learned to look beyond appearances. Now, you are a Mamo!”


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