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The Lattice - Evolution of Consciousness

Language(s): EnglishMagyar
Runtime: 1:31
Price: EUR 9.90
5.5/10 (10)

Experience the balance of “simply being” and “consciously taking action” in your daily life.

Transform the energy of distraction into the energy of attraction and manifestation! Create clear and powerful intentions as you learn to work with the elegant structure of the Lattice, a contemporary system of consciousness within your energy anatomy.

In this lesson you will make a clear and focused statement of intent and then manage the energy patterns of your consciousness to empower your intention to a state of completion.

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Latest comments

rick said: (2012. 05. 06.)
excellent and helpful lecture.thank you Peggy
alannah said: (2012. 05. 06.)
The talk was beautiful,thank you Peggy for your wisdom and sharing the gift of love and understanding of the lattice.
You are a beautiful Angel!!!
Thank you from the depth of my heart.

starrwoman said: (2012. 05. 03.)
We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to have Peggy Phoenix Dubro available to us as a teacher to clarify how the new energy can best be utilized and worked with. I want to take this opportunity to thank ESO Guru and Ms. Dubro for this teaching and I look forward to another session with her like this one. For those of us who cannot make the sessions of Kryon across the country and around the world, having sessions with Peggy makes this journey feel less isolated. Light and peace to all at Eso Guru and thank you as well for repeating this session tomorrow, I missed the first part of the session.
aramji said: (2012. 05. 03.)
It is always amazing to connect with Peggy's energy & wisdom.
She continues to evolve in order that we may evolve as well... thank you from the infinite within me!!!
Alshamsha from Montreal, Quebec
annette22 said: (2012. 05. 03.)
Except for abrupt finnish - Peggy did a fantastic job
Thesie said: (2012. 05. 03.)
thank you for this session - I hope there will come more - Thea from germany
Thesie said: (2012. 05. 03.)
does anybody know how to join in?
Shanadrana said: (2012. 05. 03.)
The picture is still, what is happening?

Ann in Denmark
HelenaFroehlich said: (2012. 05. 03.)
I cannot login into Peggy Phoenix Dubro, I clicked watch now and the picture is still....!
Help please
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