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The Healing Power of Music

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Empower yourself with the knowledge of how music can heal you

Watch this video and learn about how music can transport you beyond the boundaries of traditional science, opening up new paths to your true potential as creator of your own reality.

Discover your ability to experience love, health, happiness and prosperity.
Experience powerful healing techniques through the use of sound.
Understand why Ancient Civilizations used sound as a medical treatment.

Many scientists state that the influence of music on the body is limited to the emotional level. When listening to certain pieces the brain reacts by releasing endorphins into the blood stream and through this, influencing the person's health to some degree. This is not the whole story. Structured sound can also work on a much more profound level.

Significant study has been done on the effects of sound on plants. It has been found that rock or dissonant music can stunt their growth or in many cases even kill them, while the playing of meditative, devotional works will make them more productive and much more resistant to disease. This is significant research because it proves that we are not only affected on a conscious, emotional level of the mind.

When Robert Coxon was creating his first relaxing - healing album, Cristal Silence I - The Silence Within, there were many plants his studio, lined up on a ledge next to the window. After less than two weeks of composing, they were all growing towards the speakers instead of facing the light from outdoors.

One of the most obvious examples of music influencing us is how a slow rhythm with sustained notes can quickly lower both the heartbeat and the blood pressure. This is because everything in the world naturally tends to move towards harmony.

Music can help the mind and body get to that ideal state for healing to happen. It may occur on different levels - be it mental, spiritual, emotional or even physical. It is important though to choose music that was written with this intent.

The product of divine creativity has so much to do with intent. In every form of art it takes study and practice to develop skill as an artist, but anyone can learn to write the notes or mix the colors. It's not the notes that count - it's what is behind them that really matters.

By using the appropriate music as a catalyst and taking some time each day to get in touch with our infinite selves, we soon realize that our lives are filled with purpose, that everything is moving towards harmony, and that we've now found true inner peace. It is when we reach this profound level of consciousness and connect with infinity that we can begin creating miracles in our lives.

My name is Albert P. Braun. My wife June and I are coming from Erie, Pennsylvania.  I participated the Kyron Light Conference in 2009. It was my first time, for my wife it was the second. After the conference we both attended Robert Coxon's music seminar.

Somewhat before the conference I got a swollen ankle. This was not unusual. I had this problem for quite some time. I tried to sit comfortably with my ankle lifted, hoping the swelling would go away.

During the seminar I was blown away what Robert said and showed us. He talked about the healing power of music, and explained us how emotionally and spiritually charged music influences the progress of healing. When we had a break, I went up stage to talk to him. He was talking to a young lady while I was wondering about how music can regenerate the physical body and about my problems with my ankle and right shoulder.

As soon as Robert and I started talking, I looked down and noticed that the swelling on my ankle is gone. The change was so spectacular that some others noticed it too. It was a wonderful experience! One lady, who was a nurse, said she hadn't seen anything like that before. My wife and I were astonished. Other six people who were also witnessing this saw that the swelling disappeared in less than 3 minutes.
Robert asked me to talk about this on the seminar after the break. I was really excited to do this. The pain in my shoulder was gone as well and the seminar was a wonderful experience after all.

A year now has passed since the seminar. I was 78 years old, now I am an active 79 year-old person. Since the workshop (15/07/2009 Monday evening) I haven't had any problems with my ankle.

God bless you all, and God bless Robert Coxon! 
Albert P. Braun, Erie, Pennsylvania

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marioismael2011 said: (2011. 08. 24.)
The presentation was good, but to be honest I was hoping to experince something more insightful, more meditation music, Robert spent most of his presentation promoting his cds and played the audience small peaces of meditation music which were really beautiful, but obiously, the message is I have to purchase those Cds if I want to futher my experience of healing!!! I was hoping that this workshop would have been more consistent with healing music, no a ''buy my products propaganda''
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Robert CoxonRobert Coxon In conjunction with a medical research team who specialize in retraining the brain, Robert Coxon has developed and fine tuned the sound that will help you empty the mind while entering into a deep state of relaxation. He named this sound the Mental Clarity Sound.

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