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Remote viewing - the first ever worldwide experience

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Runtime: 86 min
Price: EUR 8.99
4.6/10 (5)

Stephan Schwartz gives an insight to the world of remote viewing and non-local consciousness.
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In this presentation you will have the opportunity to experience an aspect of your consciousness not limited by space or time. Participate and you will experience a reality beyond your ordinary perceptions!


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If you want to have a full experience on Remote Viewing, you can purchase a package option for only $8.99.

You will receive the 2 full lenght presentation by Stephan A. Scwartz:

-Remote Viewing Experiment - 86 min

-The Beingness Doctrine - 49 min

+ Insiders Discussion - 60 min

Remote Viewing Experiment

The New Reality of Nonlocal Consciousness

In his 2 hour presentation Schwartz, speaking from 40 years of experimental scientific research, as well as long personal study, will take you into the world of non-local consciousness. He will guide those in the studio and online through an actual experience of the part of our consciousness that is not limited by time or space. You will learn techniques of remote viewing and, then, have the experience of obtaining information you should not be able to know. In his presentation Schwartz will give a detailed overview of non-local consciousness research, including remote viewing and therapeutic intention/healing, showing its role in creative genius, spiritual epiphany, and the experimental world of science.

During the presentation Schwartz will answer questions from the audience sent in through the internet.

Technical requirement for participating in the experiment:

Pen and paper - plus if you want to share your experience with us in a picture than you need a simple a camera, or a scanner.

What you will be asked to do:

- let yourself be guided by Stephan Schwartz to move forward in time.

- record the sense impressions -- taste, touch, vision, sound, smell -- that come to you.

- draw pictures of something your normal sense could not know

- we will provide an email address at the beginning of the show and you can send your drawing to Stephan Schwartz. He will share the best of them.

We will see how close you get to the original object of the experiment.

The New Series - Perception 2.0 *****

Interactive experiments, demonstrations of nonlocal consciousness, the part of you that lies beyond your brain.

Is it possible for the human mind to reach and obtain information that it should not be able to know? Answer this question to your own satisfaction.

It is our goal to provide you with scientifically sound explanations and techniques that demonstrate you are more than your physical body, and that you can control your ability to open to the infinite world of the nonlocal. A world in which all consciousness, from tiny single cell creatures to high order mammals including humans are interconnected and interdependent. Through the techniques you will learn you will be able to enter the domain of consciousness experienced by great geniuses, creative artists, and spiritual pilgrims.

Evaluation, Participant Questions, and Discussion of the results

In the second part of his two-day presentation, Stephan A. Schwartz will begin by discussing the Remote Viewing experience that occurred on the first day.

The conversation will move to general questions you may have about anything Stephan presented the day before.

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Latest comments

bfranklin88 said: (2012. 10. 17.)
know picture of the remote viewing.
timholt said: (2012. 10. 07.)
i am the oarticipant who liked your picture of Paris and tthe eiffel tower. I decided to try again to learn about my future health. I have been suffering with sciatic nerve pain for about 2 weeks, first time it happened to me. I decided to remote view the date Oct 20 to determine if the malady had receded by that time. My remote view vision was that I was walking around on someones back porch at a barbque with no walking assistance and no dicernable pain.

I chose my target for two reasons. It wont be long before I can verify its truth, and, i really care about the answer as I am thinking of traveling to see my daughter and grandkids before the end of October.
Tamra said: (2012. 10. 07.)
I know it will be great since I haven't been able to see the second presentation yet. I opened Skype thinking the discussion was there and the producer started talking to me, then patched me through. Surprised me that I was suddenly talking to Stephan. I've paid for tickets for Sat and Sunday, but no ticket for this appears in my "tickets" except Emoto. Is there another way to see the replay?
timholt said: (2012. 10. 06.)
Yesterdat I sugtgested to my wife that Id think of the future being her next birthday in Apil 2013, when we are planning to go to Paris. I was shocked to find that your example of my estimate of this session included Paris and the eiffel tower which I thought about at the time.

Since that was a kind of calculated veiwing, I decided not to use it in my RV experiment, however, I am stilll veryimpressed that todays drawing of Paris and the eiffel tower matched yesterdays view of today.

My try at remote viewing was interffered with by a sense that I needed to hurry and analysis of where the picture might go logically, a flower, grass and a hole in the ground became a local golf course with a golfer in action. The feature deriefing did not include much of my analytically determined drawing detail.

I can see this would be a very important skill for investors. Suppose my target is a particular stock quote on a day a month in the future. I can make investment decisions that are very profitable by knowing a future stock price. This assumes I can choose my target in advance.
Clarabella said: (2012. 10. 06.)
Have just realised that the target picture had more in common with what was behind me as well. Something that had only been a fleeting image, and that I didn't think further about. Hmmm.
gunner said: (2012. 10. 06.)
The presentation was great. Nothing I didn't already know but organized in a way that connects the dots and makes it very clear. The Remote viewing expeiment was a bit of a joke. As in. are you kidding me? It was just to fast for me to keep up. When I checked the target it was completly off. Almost the opposite of what I saw. Several people are wondering how to send info for tomarrows follow up and live Questions?
Tamra said: (2012. 10. 06.)
Where is the address for sending our sessions and what is the telephone number for tomorrow's follow up?
bmeekorelse said: (2012. 10. 06.)
I was cut off and never got target picture or the bars HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
triverse said: (2012. 10. 06.)
Thanks, good introduction. I didn't have much success with seeing the target though. I kept getting an image that I think had more to do with a 3D computer game I played recently. The site that came into my head had little in common with the target picture, although the one fairly strong impression I got was of standing with my back against a definitive wall, only I thought it to be the end wall of a rectangular walled courtyard/garden, with a sort of circular stone fountain in the middle. But I had a strong sense that my conscious mind was filling in a lot of detail into a logically possible scene. It should be interesting to see what others have come up with.
Clarabella said: (2012. 10. 06.)
Had a very vivid image, but it was nothing like what the target picture revealed. You could interpret the basic shapes in to the target picture, but it is not similar to what I saw. Can't wait for feedback tomorrow!
TexasD said: (2012. 10. 06.)
I couldn't find, or didn't hear, the email address we are supposed to send our drawings to?
from TexasD
Sandstone said: (2012. 10. 06.)
I enjoyed the lecture. I found that while my drawing was a very good representation of the colors and shapes in the image, those little bars you were supposed to use to analyze things afterwards didn't work very well for me. So I could remote view, but I couldn't debrief very well.
JoHo said: (2012. 10. 06.)
Great!!! I also can see how important it is to first of all calm down. Thank you!
jprather said: (2012. 10. 06.)
This was an awesome introduction to remote viewing. I can't wait for more lectures.
VestaB said: (2012. 10. 06.)
Absolutely brilliant - I learned so much. Thank you.
DavidBMetcalfe said: (2012. 10. 06.)
This was a fantastic introduction to Remote Viewing, as well as the wider implications of non-local consciousness. Thank you for making this available! - D. Metcalfe, Contrib. Editor Reality Sandwich
crvenimag said: (2012. 10. 06.)
It was excellent. Crveni Mag
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