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The Beingness Doctrine - Now Only for $2.99

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+ Insider`s Discussion on Remote Viewing

The Social Power of Nonlocal Consciousness. There is a road to change that does not involve violence and exploitation: The Strategy of Beingness. You can learn it, and you can change history Live!

Evaluation, Participant Questions, and Discussion of the results

In the second part of his two-day presentation, Stephan A. Schwartz with begin by discussing the Remote Viewing experience that occurred on the first day. We will open the phones and SKYPE and you will be able to speak directly with Stephan about your experience. He will answer your questions even as he shows examples of the remote viewings scanned and sent in by viewers. The conversation will move to general questions you may have about anything Stephan presented the day before.

Then, in his final presentation Stephan will discuss

Stimulated by his own experiences Stephan began to study how individuals and small groups have actually changed history for the good. The principals of personal change Stephan described in the first session, including the processes of opening to nonlocal consciousness you experienced through remote viewing, when expressed at the social level, empower people to change their world for the better. The Beingness Strategy, and the Eight Laws of Social Transformation, Stephan will discuss, will give you tools to change your world.

How do I know this? Because others, who have gone before you have used these techniques, and have done so.
Stephan A. Schwartz

Stephan Schwartz gives an insight to the world of remote viewing and non-local consciousness.

In this presentation you will have the opportunity to experience an aspect of your consciousness not limited by space or time. Participate and you will experience a reality beyond your ordinary perceptions!

Remote Viewing Experiment

The New Reality of Nonlocal Consciousness

In his 2 hour presentation Schwartz, speaking from 40 years of experimental scientific research, as well as long personal study, will take you into the world of non-local consciousness. He will guide those in the studio and online through an actual experience of the part of our consciousness that is not limited by time or space. You will learn techniques of remote viewing and, then, have the experience of obtaining information you should not be able to know. In his presentation Schwartz will give a detailed overview of non-local consciousness research, including remote viewing and therapeutic intention/healing, showing its role in creative genius, spiritual epiphany, and the experimental world of science.

During the presentation Schwartz will answer questions from the audience sent in through the internet.

Technical requirement for participating in the experiment:

Pen and paper - plus if you want to share your experience with us in a picture than you need a simple a camera, or a scanner.

What you will be asked to do:

- let yourself be guided by Stephan Schwartz to move forward in time.

- record the sense impressions -- taste, touch, vision, sound, smell -- that come to you.

- draw pictures of something your normal sense could not know

- we will provide an email address at the beginning of the show and you can send your drawing to Stephan Schwartz. He will share the best of them.

We will see how close you get to the original object of the experiment.

The New Series - Perception 2.0 *****

Interactive experiments, demonstrations of nonlocal consciousness, the part of you that lies beyond your brain.

Is it possible for the human mind to reach and obtain information that it should not be able to know? Answer this question to your own satisfaction.

It is our goal to provide you with scientifically sound explanations and techniques that demonstrate you are more than your physical body, and that you can control your ability to open to the infinite world of the nonlocal. A world in which all consciousness, from tiny single cell creatures to high order mammals including humans are interconnected and interdependent. Through the techniques you will learn you will be able to enter the domain of consciousness experienced by great geniuses, creative artists, and spiritual pilgrims.

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Latest comments

reddog said: (2012. 10. 09.)
Is there an archive of the Insider's Discussion when Stephan discusses the results of the previous day's RV experience? I missed it due to a schedule misunderstanding. Thanks.
reddog said: (2012. 10. 09.)
This was fabulous. I went into it thinking it was the part two of the remote viewing class, but it was even better than that, and just what I needed. It is the sort of timeless wisdom which summarizes the best of what life can be and what we can be. What one would want to pass on to one's children and grandchildren, although a sample of a life lived like this would be even better. Here is a link to a PDF of the main points of the eight laws of social change, as it is worth memorizing and reviewing periodically.
eclipse said: (2012. 10. 07.)
The best presentation ever.
drjhendrix said: (2012. 10. 07.)
The schedule is confusing. what is the actual schedule? I thought the 5:30 session was now
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Stephan A. SchwartzStephan A. Schwartz

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