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Terms and Conditions


1.1.    „Service Provider”: Telemedia Holding Kft. 1012 Budapest, Márvány u. 17., the operator of the website

1.2.    „Service”: Providing access to contents on (videos, live broadcasts, interactions etc.)

1.3.    „Live broadcast”: Video contents broadcasted on a preset date, for the first time and exclusively on Live broadcasts have Live chat.

1.4.    „Live chat”: a service provided with Live broadcasts for all Members who have valid ticket to the same Live broadcast.

1.5.    „Website” or „Esoguru”: The website.

1.6.    „Members”: Legal entities or individuals above the age of 18, who registered on and gained access to the Service for free or by purchasing a ticket.

1.7.    „Registration”: Before using the service Members have to log in to the Website by providing their personal data and login credentials.

1.8.    „Personal account”: it includes every unique characteristics that are related to the Member’s activities on Members can view their previous purchases and can change their passwords etc.

1.9.    „Data handler”: the individual or legal entity, who determines the purpose, methods and instruments of data collecting and handling. Data handler makes decisions and executes them, or delegates it to a data processing partner.

1.10.    „Handling data”: Every operation regarding data: Collecting, recording, processing, handling, storeing, changing, using, transferring, publicating, closing and deleting and forbidding further use.

It is considered data handling to create photo, audio or video recordings and recording features capable to identify a person (i.e. fingerprint, dns sample, retina scan).


2.1.    The Service inlcudes – amongst others – the following contents: watching video contents recorded earlier, watching live events/broadcasts, possibility to participate the Live chat in case of live broadcasts.

2.2.    Registration is required to use the Service.

2.3.    The Registration:

2.3.1.    It is possible to register only on the online interface provided by Providing the following data is required during the registration: username, password, e-mail address, full name, language of notifications, other languages. In cases of credit card payments we also require a billing address and credit card data.

2.3.2.    After providing all data it is required to read and accept the Terms and Conditions. To accept the Terms and Conditions it is neccessary to tick a checkbox.

2.3.3.    A registration is complete once the Member clicked the confirmation link provided by the Service Provider in an e-mail sent to the Member.


3.1.    Some of the video contents on the Website are free and others require payment to watch.

3.2.    Prices of different video contents may vary. Prices are clearly visible on the Website. The price is determined solely by the Service Provider.

3.3.    The Website provides information whether a content is free or not.

3.4.    Payments for the Service can happen with: credit card or via PayPal.

3.5.    The Service Provider does not store credit card data, therefore it is necessary to enter the data during each ticket purchase.

3.6.    Only registered Members can watch the video content, regardless of the type of the video content.

3.7.    Service provider sends an electronic confirmation about ordering the Service within 48 hours.


4.1.    The Service provider is obliged to provide access to video contents for Members..

4.2.    The Service Provider reserves the right to store IP adresses of Members to hinder multiple registrations. The Member account cannot be transferred to an other individual or legal entity.

4.3.    Video content on are owned by the Service Provider. It is prohibited to record, copy or distribute a video or parts of the videos which appear in this site, in any form or by any means, including electronic or technical means, without written permission from the Service Provider.

All content on the Website is copyright protected. It is prohibited to use the content in any other way than it is described in this Terms and Conditions and on the Website.

4.4. reserves the right to moderate the chat and suspend or ban Members from chat who post messages that are:

are unlawful, threatening, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane or indecent including any communication that constitutes (or encourages conduct that would constitute) a criminal offense, gives rise to civil liability or otherwise violates any local, provincial, state, national or international law;

  • violate the copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of any other person.

  • improperly assume or claim the identity, characteristics or qualifications of another person;

  • contain personal/contact information

  • are for purposes of spamming;

  • contain any virus or other harmful component;

  • are libelous, or an invasion of privacy or publicity rights or any other third party rights;

  • are for commercial purposes or contain advertising or are intended to solicit a person to buy or sell services or to make donations; or

  • are against the interests of the Service provider in any way

4.5.    Service Provider reserves the right to change the events’ title, time or host, or change the event completely. Prices of tickets purchased to events that were subject of changes can be refunded, in advance, by sending a message to requesting a refund.

4.6.    Service Provider cannot be held responsible for any damage in properties of Members that can be a result of using the service, downloading content or malicious software.

4.7.    Service Provider cannot be held responsible for any misinformation, mistyping on the Website or for any damage caused by website downtimes. Service Provider is not responsible for the contents, and every information on the Website serve indicative purposes only.

4.8.    Service Provider has right to collect and handle data.



5.1.    After successful registration Members can watch contents on the Website for free or by paying a fee. In case of premium content, payments have to be made before wathing the content.

5.2.    Members may use their personal accounts and the change settings if necessary.

5.3.    Members of accept and permit that their personal data –except the credit card information - can be used by Esoguru to enhance the Sevice, for direct marketing (SMS, e-mail, or telephone), market research and other marketing purposes locally or abroad. Members permit that their data can be forwarded to Esoguru co-organizational partners regardless of their operational territory. Esoguru may handle personal data until the permission is revoked.

5.4.    Members can revoke the permission (described in 5.3) by declaring their intent in an email to with the word „Robinson” in the subject field.


6.1.    The Service Provider keeps the data of the Members confident and handles them according to law. The Service Provider makes every step necessary to protect personal data.



The following minimum technical requirements are necessary to watch the video content on

•    internet connection with minimum 1 Mbit / sec bandwidth

•    2 GB RAM

•    Intel Pentium 4 or similar processor

•    Flash player version 10 or newer

Video contents of are hosted and broadcasted by Ustream. Members can check whether their computer is capable of playing content by visiting If Members are able to watch video contents there, then they should be able to watch EsoGuru content as well.

If Members experience technical problems while watching EsoGuru content, they may contact our customer care at Members can report technical problems within one week of the use of service.


8.1.    Registering at the website, and using the Service is considered a written agreement (contract). In any case not covered in this Terms and Conditions the existing legislations are valid.

8.2.    The Service provider reserves the right to suspend or cease website, or to change these Terms and Conditions. Esoguru is obliged to make the modified version available to Members.

8.3.    The Service provider provides a customer care service handing any type of inquiries. The customer care team can be reached at 

8.4.    Service Provider info: Telemedia Holding Kft. 1012 Budapest, Márvány u. 17.

8.5.    Violating these terms will result in the termination of the Member’s account and may result in legal actions.

8.6. accepts and complies with the relevant legislation of the European Union and the United States. (


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